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Carved Larvikite Triple Moon - Altar Crystals for Grounding

Carved Larvikite Triple Moon - Altar Crystals for Grounding

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Embrace the mystical energy of our Carved Larvikite Triple Moon, a perfect addition to any witchy collection. Known for its protective and grounding properties, Larvikite enhances spiritual growth and connects you to the Earth's energies. The Triple Moon design symbolizes the phases of the moon, representing the divine feminine and the cycles of life. Ideal for crystal lovers and spiritual practitioners, this stunning piece is perfect for altar setups, ritual work, or as a unique decoration. Enhance your magical practices with the powerful energy of Larvikite.

Larvikite is a black igneous rock made up entirely of feldspar. Larvikite is believed to have formed over 298 million years ago, at an estimated depth of 18 miles below Earth’s surface. Larvikite is a stone of inner transformation that helps one better adapt to change. Larvikite fully protects one's spiritual and physical body, including your auric field.

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