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Magical Herbs Inventory for Holistic House - Holly Hill

Magical Herbs Inventory for Holistic House - Holly Hill

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Magical Herbs Collection

Welcome to our Holistic Herbs Collection, where ancient wisdom meets modern spirituality. Our curated selection of herbs is perfect for all your witchy, herbal, and healing needs. Whether you’re looking to cleanse your space, practice ritual magic, or self-care for well-being, our herbal magic kits are here to support your journey.

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Lotus Flower Blend (14-16g)
Ingredients: Flowers of the Red Lotus, Blue Lotus, Sacred Lotus
Magical Properties: Enhances spiritual growth and promotes tranquility.

Blue Lotus Flower (24-26g)
Magical Properties: Calms the mind, opens the third eye, enhances psychic abilities and meditation.

Red Lotus Flower (19-21g)
Magical Properties: Attracts love and strengthens relationships, promotes compassion.

Sacred Lotus Flower (17-19g)
Magical Properties: Promotes spiritual awakening and clarity, symbol of purity.

Stinging Nettle (19-21g)
Magical Properties: Protection, grounding, boosts vitality.

Yerba Mate (27-29g)
Magical Properties: Enhances energy, focus, and mental clarity.

Tulsi (Holy Basil) (23-25g)
Magical Properties: Spiritual protection, clarity, and purification.

Licorice Root (48-50g)
Magical Properties: Attracts love and enhances charm, promotes health.

Olive Leaf (22-24g)
Magical Properties: Peace, healing, and protection.

Yarrow (27-29g)
Magical Properties: Courage, healing, and psychic protection.

Lavender (19-21g)
Magical Properties: Tranquility, sleep, relaxation, and calming.

St. John’s Wort
Magical Properties: Banishes negativity, promotes emotional well-being.

Mullein (14-16g)
Magical Properties: Protection, spiritual insight, and respiratory health.

Rosemary (15-17g)
Magical Properties: Memory, concentration, and protection against negative energy.

Lemon Balm (23-25g)
Magical Properties: Reduces anxiety, attracts love, promotes happiness.

Cinnamon (Sticks) (19-23g)
Magical Properties: Attracts prosperity, love, and boosts energy.

Irish Moss (30-32g)
Magical Properties: Enhances luck, provides protection.

Blue Vervain (14-16g)
Magical Properties: Calms the mind, enhances psychic abilities.

Catnip (30-32g)
Magical Properties: Happiness, love, and relaxation.

Smoking Blend (11-13g)
Magical Properties: Varies based on ingredients, generally for relaxation and ritual use.

Butterfly Pea Flower (13-15g)
Magical Properties: Enhances creativity, calming energy.

Cloves (14-16g)
Magical Properties: Protection, banishing negative energies, attracting good luck.

Black Cumin Seeds (21-23g)
Magical Properties: Health, protection, and prosperity.

Rue (13-15g)
Magical Properties: Protection, warding off evil spirits.

Rosehips (32-34g)
Magical Properties: Love, beauty, healing.

Bayberry Bark (12-14g)
Magical Properties: Prosperity, protection, and grounding.

Magical Properties: Healing, protection, and happiness.

Alfalfa (12-14g)
Magical Properties: Prosperity, anti-hunger, and grounding.

Mugwort (30-32g)
Magical Properties: Enhances dreams, intuition, and psychic abilities.

Magical Properties: Strengthens resilience, promotes healing.

Red Clover (16-18g)
Magical Properties: Prosperity, protection, and healing.

Magical Properties: Clarity, purification, and invigorates the mind.

Eucalyptus (51-53g)
Magical Properties: Healing, protection, purifying spaces.

Passion Flower (22-24g)
Magical Properties: Peace, reducing stress, enhancing dreams.

Elderberry (44-46g)
Magical Properties: Protection, health, and longevity.

Horsetail (19-21g)
Magical Properties: Strength, grounding, and stability.

CIDER MATE (55-57 grams)
Magical Properties: Enhances energy, promotes clarity, and provides a sense of well-being. Often used in rituals to boost motivation and creativity.

JASMINE (15-17 grams)
Magical Properties: Symbolizes purity and peace, aids in divination and prophetic dreams, attracts spiritual love and harmony.

WHITE SAGE (17-19 grams)
Magical Properties: Powerful purifier, used in smudging rituals to cleanse spaces and objects of negative energies, promotes wisdom and longevity.

VALERIAN (69-71 grams)
Magical Properties: Aids in protection, encourages love and harmony, and is used to induce sleep and relaxation. Valerian is also believed to enhance psychic abilities.

CHICORY (61-63 grams)
Magical Properties: Provides protection, removes obstacles, and helps in opening up the third eye for better intuition and spiritual insight.

ROSE PETALS (21-23 grams)
Magical Properties: Attracts love, enhances beauty rituals, and fosters healing. Rose petals are also used to bring about a sense of peace and happiness.

ROSE BUDS (14-16 grams)
Magical Properties: Promotes love, harmony, and fertility. Often used in love spells and to enhance psychic powers.

CHAMOMILE (22-25 grams)
Magical Properties: Attracts money, brings peace and tranquility, aids in sleep and relaxation. Chamomile is also used in healing spells and rituals.

ORANGE PEEL (DRIED) (58-60 grams)
Magical Properties: Boosts creativity, brings joy and positivity, and attracts good luck and prosperity.

WHITE WILLOW BARK (27-29 grams)
Magical Properties: Enhances love and harmony, provides protection and healing, and aids in connecting with lunar energies.

WILD YAM ROOT (51-53 grams)
Magical Properties: Supports feminine energy, promotes fertility, and aids in healing and protection spells.

Magical Properties: Attracts wealth and prosperity, boosts physical energy, and promotes health and healing.

STAR ANISE (14-16 grams)
Magical Properties: Enhances psychic abilities, provides protection, and attracts good luck and love.

LEMON (DRIED) (14-16 grams)
Magical Properties: Cleanses and purifies, promotes happiness and energy, and attracts love and friendship.

DAMIANA (22-26 grams)
Magical Properties: Enhances love and lust, boosts psychic abilities, and is often used in healing rituals.

PATCHOULI (10-12 grams)
Magical Properties: Attracts money, love, and fertility, promotes growth and prosperity, and is used in protection spells.

HIBISCUS (27-29 grams)
Magical Properties: Promotes love, lust, and divination, aids in relaxation and meditation, and attracts passion and joy.

BASIL (27-29 grams)
Magical Properties: Provides protection, attracts love, wealth, and harmony, and aids in exorcism and purification rituals.

JUNIPER BERRIES (28-30 grams)
Magical Properties: Offers protection, purifies spaces, promotes health and healing, and is used to enhance psychic powers.


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